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Injury&Insurance Law


About Us

Scott Law, PLLC is a Houston-based law firm dedicated to helping clients from all backgrounds prevail in their injury & wrongful death claims, insurance & death benefits disputes, and other litigation matters.


The team is led by Attorney Scott, who is an injury and life insurance attorney who lives and works in Houston, Texas. He specializes in standing up to big insurance companies on behalf of regular people who simply want what is owed to them. With years of experience in the field, Attorney Scott knows how insurance companies work, how adjusters think, and how the system operates.


He has extensive knowledge of the laws that govern personal injury and life insurance, both in Texas and on a federal level. Attorney Scott has also earned a doctorate degree in social psychology, which means he has a specialized understanding of the factors that influence people's decisions and behaviors. 

Bringing both of these areas of knowledge and expertise to the table helps Attorney Scott craft effective, compelling cases for his clients. He is passionate about helping his clients get what is owed to them so that they can move on with their lives with dignity or honor the memory of their loved ones.

Attorney Scott encourages people to take simple proactive to avoid serious legal problems should something unfortunate happen. For example, you can avoid harsh surprises by asking your insurance agent, “will I be covered if I am injured in a hit and run?” and “will I be covered if I am injured by an uninsured driver?” The answers may surprise you. You can also take proactive steps to avoid difficulties in proving your case. For example, in a world of rapidly changing technologies, many people install dashcams and other devices in their vehicles to avoid any disputes should an accident happen.​ 

Attorney Scott strongly believes in giving back to the community, and to that end, we commit to sponsoring various school and community events throughout the year.


Because we are a small firm, clients enjoy having easy access to the attorney who can answer any questions they have about their case. When we accept a case, our goal is to see the matter through to completion. Many of our clients have been surprised when other law firms withdraw from their cases as soon as there is any push back from the other party. That is not our approach; we believe in fighting for our clients.


Dr. Leroy Brenardo Scott


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